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I have graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering. Back in 2003 I was introduced to SolidWorks and Cad design. Goengineer, the main Solidworks training facility back in 2003, trained me on how to use SolidWorks. I started working for Sullins Electronics Inc. as a drafter and reverse engineered parts including sections as small as 0.025". During the four years that I worked for this company, I extensively used SolidWorks along with AutoCad and Microsoft Office. My experience however, is not limited to Sullins Electronics. I have worked for different companies and have gained experience modeling and creating different parts for different application. I have worked with sheet metals in SolidWorks to create industrial roof tops, molds and mold designs for plastic parts, surfacing for toy manufacturers and pressure analysis for parts and assemblies for high pressure vessels. Besides SolidWorks and mechanical design, I have experience with computers for about 10 years. I have experience building them, fixing them and using them.


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